Master or muse?

Master or muse?
Is there a difference? Yes. I believe there is.

The question came up today on Verlakay’s writing board. The original poster asked if anyone really had a muse.

How do I account for my success? My good ideas? The right words that flow and form a publishable story?

I pray and ask for help. I need the Lord, the Master of the Universe, the Creator and Giver of Life. That’s all there is to it.

Don’t get me wrong — I can write without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit — I’ve done it plenty of times before. But why would I want to do that? I’ve seen the end result and it’s not pretty. My words are lifeless. Deader than dead. They have no skin or bones. Nothing.

I believe the Lord gives us all different gifts — and I believe He wants to continue to grow those gifts in us. If I neglect to ask for His guidance, then I end up writing in circles.

When I ask for His help, though, He gives it freely. Sometimes I hear Him, sometimes I don’t. 🙂 ANd then — He helps me with revision and rewriting until I get it right. 🙂

As for a muse — No matter if a muse is a person, an idea or both — a muse is fleeting. It can’t bring life to me. And one day — It will be gone. No more ideas. No more inspiration. Nothing.

But my heavenly Father, the Master of all things — He has promised to never leave me. Never forsake me. Never let me down.

Master or muse?

I’m sticking with the Master. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Master or muse?

  1. I, too, believe there is a difference, WW.

    My muses are earthly: my children, their friends, my inner child, ice cream….They inspire me to write the most engaging and unique stories I can.

    But the Master, He has blessed me with the ability to write. And since I know He is better able to direct my writing career than I am, I turn it all over to him on a daily basis. I’m so excited to see where he takes me!



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