Imagine sitting or standing in one position for hours on end. Some of you probably don’t have to imagine — you do it. You might be behind a counter, desk or computer.
When you are finally able to move from that position — you realize just how good it feels to stretch and be in a different place!

That’s where I am right now.

I’m stretching myself.

I’ve been in one position too long and it’s time to move, stretching all of me — mind, body and spirit!

It started last fall with a new Bible Study and a writing challenge. Then, my mom and sister gave me a 3 month membership to online WW. ANd now, I’m part of a fitness challenge with a great group of ladies.

Stretching isn’t always easy — but it’s good for me. I want to keep stretching and be flexible for the Kingdom of God. If He calls me to write — I want to be able to do that. If He calls me to run, I want to do it with joy! If He calls me to do WHATEVER — I want to be prepared!

This year will be knows as the Year of STretching. And I will count any and all stretch marks as small victories!!

Are you stretching? Try it. You just might like it. 🙂


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