I’m sitting here, in my new writing cubby, watching my kids play right outside my window. I can hear their sweet voices…yet I’m still able to concentrate. It’s like I’m at a mini-getaway…wait. Someone’s mad at someone else now someone’s crying. Must intervene…

Okay, I’m back. Like I was saying…

It’s like a mini-vacation getaway! I’m in the “cubby” room (alcove, whatever!) of my bedroom. I’ve been working on cleaning it out and my hubby was sweet enough to make me a set of cubes shelves with plenty of room for all my stuff and enough room on top to set my computer and this is the longest sentence I’ve written in my entire life.


I’ve not been keeping up with my blog this month. But with this new “re-do” of my little cubby space, I’ll be able to write more. Having this little space makes me feel like I’m in my own office — even though it’s still my bedroom. It’s definitely a blessing.

Do you have a place you like to go that helps clear your mind for creativity? A place where the Lord is able to speak to you? A place you can go to “get away” without actually “getting away”?


One thought on “MY NEW WRITING CUBBY

  1. congratulations on your new space!

    For writing I like to write anywhere.

    For thinking (about a writing project) I like to go outside, walk, or drive.


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