mixed bag…

Received good news on the writing front regarding a PB I sent to Blooming Tree Press. You can follow the BTP trail on Verla’s board and the Blooming Tree Press website and journal.

A good friend of mine and critique partner got the same news! She is such a great writer. I’m so excited for all of us!! YAYAYAY!!

Also, I received some mail from Blue Mountain Arts today. YAY!! They want to put two of my poems in the test market. I’ll be popping those contracts in the mail on Monday! 🙂

IN other news: I want to start jogging again. Tomorrow would be a great day to do it. But I left my running shoes at my mom’s. Grrr! I might just go to Wally World and get me a pair. I also am supposed to join a gym…but we are having to wait until payday to do so. If anyone knows of a gym that needs a “before” and “after” pic…I’ll be the guinea pig. 🙂 I’ll work hard and give them the best promo they’ve ever had! All they have to do is let me join for free or greatly reduced price. 🙂

For today’s question… What is holding you back from moving forward? OR what helps keep you moving?


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