I finished up my another PB this week and the Shorties (my online crit group) are giving me some great feedback. I love how they all “hear” things differently and can give me such insight. They are all talented, hard working women and I am blessed to call them friends and crit partners!!

I am printing out the various crits and will compare the common denominators. Then, I’ll do some revision.

ON another front, I received a bear card for a short story I sent to Highlights. YAY! The story was subbed last fall, received a revision letter with invite to send again. So, I did. Thanks to all my buddies to who looked it over and helped me see all the “spots”. 🙂

Now that I’m in the revision stage of my new PB AND the waiting stage for some other projects, I need to sub more stuff AND work on finishing another project. (AND learn how NOT to write such long sentences.)

What do YOU do when you’ve come to the end of a project? Take a break or keep plugging along?


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