The Faith of a child…

This morning, while my youngest was still snoozing away, my 10 and 5 year old came and crawled on my bed. I had woken up a little earlier so I could have some “quiet” time. It was not to be…and I’m glad for it. Yes, it would have been great to be able to just “be still” in His Presence, but the Lord taught me something through the words of my children this morning.

This is how it started out…

I had barely bowed to pray when my 5 year old started praying outloud. Z talked to God about a guy she saw on a commercial for St. Jude’s last night. “There’s this guy and he has cancer and he’s fighting for his life.” She continued. “Please, God. Heal him! Make him better and help him live. It might be his time to go to heaven with you == But help him live. He’s fighting for his life!”

Then she stopped and said, “It’s your turn, Mama.”

So, I prayed. I prayed for some friends of ours who are fighting cancer, too. I prayed for their healing. I prayed for my children and the paths God has for them. In the midst of my prayer, Z wrapped her arms around me and prayed… “God, give Mama new words to make on the computer”.

Wow. For her — it’s all the same… God is big enough to heal a man with cancer – and yet still cares just as much about my writing. Wow.

After I finished my prayer, it was K’s turn.

She prayed for the members of our family. She asked the Lord to help her and Z not be sassy (the opposite of respectful). Then — she asked God to help my work get published.

I was floored. I still am. What hearts my children have. I don’t know how many kids pray for their parents dreams to come true — but I’m blessed to have children who do. I am sooo blessed. So blessed.

Then, we just sat still and tried to hear what God was saying to each of us.
In the middle of the quietness – we heard a terribly faint BEEPBEEPBEEEP! My oldest jumped up. “Your watch, Mom! I hear it!” My watch had been missing for almost a week. She listened intently, searching. She followed the sound. When it got louder, she stopped. She moved clothes…and found it in a shoe under the clothes.

After the hugs and excitement subsided, Z said, “I know what He wants me to do. I’m going to be a pray doctor.” Then she explained. “You know, like medicine helps people? I’m going to pray for them…AND make them feel better AND give them medicine.” she started explaining that she wasn’t really going to make them better…but God would…and that He was going to use her to make them feel better.

My oldest said, “I know what he said to me. But you’ll just have to wait. You’ll see later today.”

And me? I wasn’t really sure what He said to me. I’m still listening. I’m going to listen for His voice today like my daughter listened for my watch. She had no idea where my watch was. But when was still, she could hear it and follow the sound.
He’s good like that, shaking up my expectations. It be a great seek and find day. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

What has He said to you today?


One thought on “The Faith of a child…

  1. Hi, Donna. What a beautiful morning with your children! I’m expecting my first in May and can only hope I’ll do as well teaching them about God’s love for us and his willingness to be an active part of our lives. Thanks for sharing.


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