Workshop with Pam Zollman– Writer and Former Editor at Highlights

Hi y’all! We are finalizing the information and schedule for the May
17th workshop in Concord, NC with Pam Zollman (writer and former editor for Highlights for Children). She is fantastic and
we are all in for a treat!

The plan is to post the registration form by the end of next week,
March 7th. The deadline for registration will be April 11. Then,
those who want critiques (there will be a limited number available),
will receive further instructions and a deadline for submitting their
manuscripts to Pam.

We will have group critiques after the workshop, also. So bring some
of your best work and be prepared to receive some good info!

I’ll post the completed details next week along with the
registration. I’d love to have a general head count, though, if you
are planning to attend. Will those of you who are coming (or think
you might come) please email me. There will be a
limit of 35 folks and we’ve already had folks who are interested
calling from Tennessee and Georgia! Please put “workshop” in the
subject line. Thanks so much!

If you are coming in from out of town, we have plenty of good hotels AND we are only 40 or so minutes from the Charlotte Airport.



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