My darling oldest daughter, K, had a “sleep-over” at my MIL’s last night. My middle girl, Z, wanted to go, too, but it wasn’t her turn. Z gave her big sister kisses and held her emotions in tact…until she crawled in bed.

When she realized K wasn’t going to be sleeping in the bunk across from her, she started sobbing. She wanted K home. She was not to be comforted and cried herself to sleep.

I missed her, too.

That sounds silly, I know. She’s ten years old. She’s gone to plenty of “sleepovers”. So why is it so hard now that she’s older?

Maybe b/c she IS older…and it’s a sign of times to come.

Before I know it, she’ll be in college — a perpetual “sleepover”. She’ll call home and tell me she loves me, but I’ll be denied the daily joy of seeing her curly, wild hair when she first wakes up and her sweet sleepy kisses.

I’m getting a taste of how it must have been for my Mom and Dad when my sister and I both went off to a college that was over 4 hours away from home.

To be fair, though, I’m only getting a teeny, tiny taste. K is only 10 minutes away right now and I’m picking her up after lunch today.

OOOOH!! That gives me an idea! Maybe she’ll decide to do go to the university closer to home. It’s only 30 minutes away. That would be nice. I could bribe her with homemade meals, clean clothes and her grandma’s 14 layer chocolate cake. Yep, sounds like a fine plan to me.

Until then, I’ll just make sure I’m not wasting any of the time God has given me to be with my children. Other things can wait… their childhood cannot.


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