A few things I teach my kids:

BE kind to one another… especially if you feel the “ugly” rising up in yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ Easier said than done.

“Love covers a multitude of sins”. Not easy to remember when someone has just breached your last nerve.

Never go to bed mad at each other.

And before you make a decision, remember to consider “would Jesus be pleased with your choice of thoughts, words or actions”?

Too bad I don’t always follow my own advice.

Why do I still allow my emotions to determine how I react instead of reacting in love? yeah, yeah, I’m human and all that jazz. But come on! I’m 35 — it’s time I grew up and started ruling my emotions — not letting them rule me. Grrrrr!!!

Jesus said that we are “more than conquerors” — yet I act like I’m a prisoner to my emotions more times than I care to admit. I have the power to do the right thing, yet, sometimes I gain greater satisfaction in hearing myself talk than I do in waiting for the Lord to speak to me.

For example: My sweet hubby was not exactly listening to me last night when I was talking to him. He wasn’t really paying attention. He wasn’t “getting” it! (have I made myself clear?) Quite honestly, he was being a bit of a goober.

And what did I do? Certainly none of the beautiful things I teach my kids to do! grrrr!!!

I went to bed feeling very self-righteous and grouchy (after being a bit of a goober myself). “Why couldn’t he just admit he was wrong? Why couldn’t he see what I was trying to tell him?” I prayed for him and me (yes, I did), but didn’t sleep very well. I woke up this morning with these thoughts on my mind:

Q: Was I kind to him when I felt the “ugly” rising up in me?

Q: Did I remember that Love covers a multitude of sins — my hubby’s AND mine?
A: No. Not until I’d already given my best impression of a banshee.

Q: Did I go to bed mad?
A: Well, if I’m honest with myself (and I don’t really want to be), maybe a little. Maybe more than a little.

Q: And before I made my decision to open my mouth, did I consider “would Jesus be pleased with your choice of thoughts, words or actions”?
A: um, no. Isn’t that obvious??

The good news??

Today is a new day with new mercies and a new chance to make decisions based on LOVE…NOT emotions.

I am covered by grace (and so are my hubby and kids!) And by God’s grace and His sweet refining fire, I can love others (and myself) even when we aren’t exactly being “loveable”. I can make the decision to be kind — even when the “ugly” is rising up. I can choose to let something “go” before I go to sleep (for we never know which day will be our last on this earth).

And well, there’s that whole issue of thinking, speaking and acting in the Way of Love. Ouch. I’m sure glad love covers a multitude of sins. ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “Grrrrr

  1. Our SS lesson last Sunday was about Jonathan and David – friends – true friends, godly friends. We talked about our emotions and that God has emotions also. (He built them into us, remember?). But that HE rules His emotions and isn’t a slave to them.

    Ahhhhh…if only I could build that into my life on a consistent basis.



  2. thanks Susan! He’s actually quite a sweet guy and doesn’t hold on to anything negative. I, on the other hand, tend to be a curmudgeon on days when I allow my emotions to run wild and free.




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