My kids and I got up around 7am this morning. This is EARLY for this family. Since we homeschool, I can usually let them sleep in a bit. But not this morning! C had an appointment at 9, and a thirty minute drive to get there. So, we were up (with showers for everyone BUT C) and ready to go. The kicker? We ended up NOT having to go to the appointment. YAY! 🙂

So — there we were, all dressed and ready to start the day. All before 8am. What a fabulous feeling!

IN addition to the aforementioned information, this is what has been accomplished so far:

loaded/running dishwasher
Dryer is drying load of clothes
Washer is washing load of clothes
K has finished her math AND division practice for today
We watched Magic School bus and then talked about symbiotic relationships
I’ve ordered the end of School Test for K (AND a practice booklet)
checked my email and my buddies’ blogs
AND I’m almost done blogging this post!

AND it’s ONLY 10:30!

Wow. I could get used to this!

We still have to complete our school work today AND we’re going to out of town today. But I’m believing for this day to keep progressing at this wonderful pace!

But I have to admit something. Even though we’ve accomplished all this wonderful stuff in a short amount of time, this DAYLIGHT savings time thingee is still hard on my internal clock. I’m awake — but my mind is still pushing the “snooze” button. 🙂



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