Today needs to be a "teachers workday"!

Knock on my door
and your taking a gamble.
The week has been hectic,
My house in in shambles.

The dishes are dirty,
my sink overflows.
The fridge has a smell
and a scary green glow.
The dirty clothes baskets
are stacked in my room,
safely held up
by my dustpan and broom.

Each room is smothered
in puzzles and books,
with dollies and toys
crammed in each little nook

In our spare bedroom
there isn’t a bed
just “extra” computer parts
(most of them dead)

So why am I rhyming
instead of investing
my time in my house
cleaning up and destressing?

I’m waiting and hoping
that someone will see
The mess in this house
wasn’t made just by ME! 🙂

Okay – so, this is how I feel. BUT — I must clean anyway. Time to dust off the mp3 player and get busy! I have to get my mind in the right ‘tude to work. I have to see my housework as a blessing to my family – RATHER than a chore. And yes, that’s hard most days. 🙂 But – I can do it. It’s another one of those days where I have to decide what is the RIGHT thing to do and then DO it. It helps if I remember that I am blessed to have a house and STUFF to clean. Puts it in perspective, yes?

Some of you are born organized (not me), but you still have tasks that you have to “prepare” yourself for. What do YOU have to do today that you don’t want to do? How do you change the way you think about the task in order to do it with joy?


5 thoughts on “Today needs to be a "teachers workday"!

  1. Cute poem! You’re so good!

    Quite honestly, I’ve chosen to not look at housework as my work, any more than it’s any other member of the family’s work. So the way I keep my sanity about it is to ask the other members of the family what they’re going to do to pitch in, and then I choose something too. I find that I have a much better attitude about cleaning when I don’t feel “unfaired” as my kids used to say! But that’s just works for me and my family. Every family’s different about this kind of thing. (Plus, when you count in my two different job plus the committee work I do for our synagogue I work more hours than my husband!)


  2. Thanks Jody!

    I like the way you think. 🙂 Around my house, though, that line of logic just doesn’t fly. I’ve tried – and no one has any clean undies. 🙂

    I’m glad it works for y’all though. You work hard, my friend!!



  3. Hi, Donna! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hate, hate, hate housework, but today I was a cleaning machine. It’s that Spring Thing. Brings out the energy in me. And yes, good tunes are key!


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