Spring break — sort of

We homeschool. Thus — no “official” spring break. But, the girls and I will be doing things a bit differently this week. Shaking it up. We’re going to have “camp”. Yes – camp. We make signs for the different rooms of the house and have lessons on a picnic blanket in the middle of the floor. Okay, so the picnic blanket is really a bedsheet and/or comforter. Use your imagination! We also do a good bit of spring cleaning while we’re at it. But that comes in spurts.

We have arts and crafts time, adventure days, nature walk/study, etc. It’s fun. We’ve done this a couple of other times since last year. The kids love it and we tend to get lots of BIC (butt in chair) time accomplished. IN other words – school is fun during our little camp week!

Now – the little one is not feeling so hot and neither am I. But I’m expecting and believing for us to be WAY better really soon. This won’t, however, affect the BIC time nor the arts and crafts. We just might not go outside for our usual woodsy/nature activities.

What can you do this week to make things a little different for your family and add some fun? Add a game night? Reading night? Go on a picnic (or have one in the living room if it’s raining)? Make up a game? You can even have a “living room” sleepover with your kids (if they are still young enough to like that sort of thing). YOu can sleep on the couch – they can break out their sleeping bags. They love it! How about a “date night” for the older kids? Some special one-on-one time with each one of them? Mix it up! Come on! Share your ideas!


One thought on “Spring break — sort of

  1. We have an empty inlaw apartment below our house… our kids love to have sleep overs there.

    I love taking walks with them very late at night… I think they like it too!


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