It’s amazing what you can find when you move a kid’s bed.

We moved my oldest DD’s loft bed yesterday. It hasn’t been moved in at least 6 months. The space between the wall the bookcase end of the loftbed hid a treasure of JUNK that, once revealed, overflowed and filled the floor.

NOT kidding. I couldn’t even walk to the door without tripping on the mess. Apparently, during chosen “cleaning” sessions throughout the last six months, my kids had been stuffing things in the aforementioned space. NOT GOOD!

That brings me to a point (see, you knew I had one, right?). . .

How much of our lives to do we keep hidden and “stuffed” out of sight?

Maybe we hide away talents and gifts b/c we are scared to use them. Or maybe we hide them away b/c we’re LAZY. (I know I’ve been guilty of this one!) I was always told, “To whom much is given, much is required”. That’s not easy to chew on!

Maybe we hide away our failures b/c we don’t know how others will react. Maybe we’re afraid they’ll reject us or not love us.

Or Maybe, just maybe, we simply don’t want to admit we are not perfect. There’s a shocker!

Back to my kids’ room for a sec…

It took us a good hour and a half, but we went through and sifted through the mess. We got rid of the trash (yep, they even put trash back there), dirty clothes (just a few of those) and found a place for REAL treasures that had been missing for 6 months or so. 🙂

Guess what happened once we got all the mess up out of the floor and the treasures in their rightful place? MY kids were over the moon. They squealed and have been making plans ever since. They can invite friends for a sleepover, pretend to have a pizza parlor, read in their little reading space. The possibilities are endless.

Yes, they STILL have buckets of toys in the living room waiting to be organized. But they have a desire to clean them out and get rid of any junk in them, too. They’ve cleaned out their room and want to keep it that way. So, before we take any toy buckets back to their room, we are cleaning them out and putting things where they belong.

They’ve found FREEDOM and they like it. 🙂 Treaure or trash? They know the difference now.

Okay, back to my little analogy…

What would happen if we use the treasures/gifts we’ve been given and step out in faith? What if we get rid of the failure/fear mentality and break out into freedom? Freedom is a good thing…and it’s grounded in love. The Lord can reveal “junk” that’s been stuffed for years – but He’s big enough to get rid of it, too.

Getting rid of junk? = painful (but necessary)
Finding lost treasures? = costly (but worth it)
Enjoying real freedom? = PRICELESS

see John 10:10, John 8:36 and John 3:16


8 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. Beautiful post, Donna! I was nodding my head and saying amen :). Fear can stop us from accomplishing so much and revealing our true selves. Getting to freedom is a journey. Thank you for reminding me to be brave.


  2. I suspect Visa will be contacting you to purchase these ad lines very soon, Donna! Thanks for starting the “blog sharing.”
    – Janelle


  3. Isn’t it funny how excited the kids get when things are finally settled and neat and tidy? They can actually find what they love most. All the clutter is gone. Everything comes into clear focus. How cool. I wish I had even one room in my house that was ordered right now!!! (My inner rooms are a bit musty and in disarray, too!)



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