In the dog house

My kids are outside watching our dog, Boo-Boo dig – nay – ENCOURAGING Boo-Boo to dig under the old dog house (it came with the property). They think they’ve found an extremely LARGE arrow head (um, I think it’s a piece of concrete — but who am I too dash their hopes?). And if I’m interpreting the giggly-screams I’ve heard correctly, they’ve found quite a few bugs and a couple of worms, too.

They’re also convinced that the dog has somehow located a huge treasure. But Boo-Boo has not yet pawed deep enough to access the booty in question. They don’t know how long it will take her to dig that far.

I hope she digs fast enough to reach it before Daddy goes to mow and discovers the disaster-in-the-making.

OR before he reads this post.

Either way…
You can’t call dibs on the treasure. They found it. But you know they’ll share.


You’ve been complaining about not getting enough exercise, anyway. Filling in holes is good fer ya!


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