Reality Check

I bought new undies last night. Nothing fancy. You know, the multi-patterned 5 pack from Walmart. Anyway, I was thinking to myself, “These aren’t so bad!”

I dressed this morning (donning the most colorful pair) and put the others on my bed. My two youngest kids came in.

“Wow. I like the green!” Zoe said. “My favorite color!”
“I like the purple,” said Casey. “And the flowers!”
“I like them all,” said Zoe, “except the plain white.”

So, I’m feeling pretty good about my selection. NOT that it matters what my 4 and 5 year old think, but hey! My fashion sense was a hit!

Zoe held up the green pair to her itty-bitty body.
“And WOW,” she exclaimed, as innocent and sweet as could be, “These undies sure are BIG, too!”

Ah yes. The honesty of a 5 year old.

Now, where did I put that number for Weight Watchers?
I think I found it under my mound of Easter Candy. . .


5 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. LOL Love it! Ah, the bluntness of youth.

    Thanks for visiting my new blog! I felt like visiting yours was a fair exchange, indeed. 😉


  2. What *isn’t* big to a 5 year old?
    🙂 And at least she didn’t say what my nephew said: “This underwear is Barney-sized!”

    Glad you are blogging again!


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