The Best kind of Saturday

Here’s the rundown…

homemade pizza, hubby played frisbee in the driveway with our girls (the grass was soaked YAY!!), a little TV, family card game (oldest wanted to play poker, but we ended up playing Go Fish), a little more tv and more pizza and then a little bit of “climb on daddy-the-jungle-gym”. 🙂

The 3 munchkins are now in bed – satisfied and tired. It’s been a wet/rainy day (YAY!). It’s been a “ate-too-much-must-do-better-tomorrow Day”. It’s been a “hanging-out-with-the-family Day”.

It’s been a good day. A VERY good day.


3 thoughts on “The Best kind of Saturday

  1. Sounds like a great day. We had a good one ourselves, waking up this morning to a sudden Spring snow, that put just enough white stuff on the ground for a bit of sledding with the kiddos and a snowball fight. We got about an hour of play in before it all melted and then this evening had a wiener roast in our backyard. It was warm and a perfect day–I loved every minute of it!


  2. You are right Donna. There is nothing like a day spent playing with family. And homemade pizza! Yum!

    We’ve got another animal in our house this weekend so it is sort of like our big dog is having a sleepover. We’re taking ‘the boys’ out for walks three or four times a day!


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