Shredding and Stolen

Okay, today started out as a strange, but productive day. I woke up at 6:20am, took a shower, dressed and drove to the gym for my one FREE training session with a professional trainer.

I can honestly say my experience was eye opening and ridiculously painful. The trainers (yes, I was assigned two), worked my legs until I could hardly walk. THEN, when we headed back to the head trainer’s office, he said, “You are really out of shape”.

No duh, Sherlock. If I WASN’T out of shape, would I be HERE at 7am in the morning, after getting only 5 hours of good sleep?? WOULD I??

ANWYAY, the guys were good and it really was a killer workout. I’m just glad it didn’t kill me.

I made myself walk (very slowly) on the treadmill afterwards for about 20 minutes. Okay, it was 18 minutes, but I wanted to be able to function the rest of the day and YES, those extra 2 minutes would have done me in.

I hobbled out with my head held high. Sort of. At least I was still alive.
Fast forward 10 minutes (the time it takes me to get home)…

I pull in my driveway and there is a scooter at the end of it. It wasn’t there an hour and a half ago. Hmmmm.

I go investigate, even though my legs are still feeling pretty gnarly. I stare at the bike for a minute, putting on my best JESSICA FLETCHER hat (if you don’t know who that is, then pretend I put on my Miss Marple hat).

Then it hit me — maybe they stole my…

Yep. They took it. Nabbed it.

MY BIKE. My regular, NO gears, big-butt-granny-seat bike. The one my mom gave me. The one I’ve had for 2 years. The one I’ve ridden all of 5 times.

BUT STILL! It was MY bike, on MY porch, behind MY swing, amidst other junk that was, thankfully, left alone.

It’s not the fact that the bike was stolen (okay, maybe a little, but I forgive them), it’s the fact that they were so bold as to come up on MY porch while my hubby and kids were home and asleep. GRRRRR!!!

So, we secured the other stuff (my kid’s bikes are now tucked away somewhere), and headed to the grand opening of a Chik-fil-a. They are giving away FREE breakfast ALL Week to EVERYONE who comes in. Yep, I did. The chicken mini’s were delicious.

So, was all the muscle shredding for naught? Nope. I’m still hurting. So I figure they’re still shredded. I’ll get back in the gym Friday morning, Lord willing, and work it out again, sans Trainers.

And maybe, just maybe, when I pull back into my driveway, the thief will have reconsidered his crime. If not, at least those tires are getting WAY more mileage than I was putting on them.


9 thoughts on “Shredding and Stolen

  1. Ohhhh! I’m so sorry about your bike. I hope it turns up, soon.

    I’m right there with ya regarding the workout thing. Why must the trainers state the obvious? As if we weren’t aware? C’mon… here’s yer sign!



  2. Ouch! Just the thought of all that hard work makes my muscles ache.
    Sorry about your bike. Maybe you should take up weight training, so you can look extra scary?


  3. I was weight training this morning…which is why I can hardly move tonight. 🙂

    Perhaps I could just scare them away with a “I’m going to have muscles in 6 months!” Would that work?


  4. thankd CJ! I might just make my own t-shirt that says, (on the front) “I might look out of shape, but you should see my fingers fly!” (and on the back) “Don’t TELL me how to work out… SHOW me!” Whatcha think?


  5. Good for you getting to the gym! Being healthy, getting “in shape” (whatever that means to YOU) is what is truly important.

    Sorry to hear about the bike. It can be bit unnerving to know someone came onto your porch. We had a lousy cheap telescope on our car port FOR YEARS. Not too long ago someone finally did us the favor of stealing it. It will be useless for them too, particularly since it doesn’t have the eye pieces. Heehee.


  6. Oh no! Sorry about your bike. Mine is soooo special to me (not to mention, it’s also my car) that I keep it inside. Yep. Parked in the dining room.

    I was confused about the scooter. Did the thief leave it to you? Or was it from your porch? Maybe I’m just slow this morning (and I didn’t even have a killer workout!).


  7. The scooter was from the thief. It wasn’t ours. We think they must have stolen the scooter first, ridden up the road, spied the opportunity to steal the bike and left the scooter.


  8. I was wondering if the theif left the scooter too!

    Geez! Donna, so sorry about your bike!

    Also I linked to your worth it poem!


  9. YOur bike! I can empathize. A few years ago my brand new, shiny white, beach cruiser (with an extra large, comfy seat) was stolen from my detached garage. Along with dozens of tools. While we were sleeping tucked in our beds 50 yards away.

    Makes you feel violated and vulnerable.



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