Okay, I went grocery shopping on Sunday. As we’re checking out, one of the employees (looked to be in his early twenties) came to the counter to help bag groceries.

He muttered to the cashier, “It’s raining.” The cashier didn’t understand him, so he repeated it.

I interjected my thoughts on the current event. “WONDERFUL! I love rain!”

“I hate rain,” he immediately responded.

I stared, unable to stop myself. “With this drought? We need all the rain we can get!”

“Well,” he said, “I’m not from here, so I don’t care.”

Okay, folks, how completely DUMB is that?

I stared again and kind of lit into him (in my sweet southern way, of course). Can you believe it? He is LIVING here but doesn’t CARE about the drought.


I’m still at a loss for words. (okay, I had enough to write this post, but still…)

Is this one of those “here’s ya sign” moments?


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