Triglycerides and jumping jacks

Okay, so my hubby found out his triglycerides are higher than the accepted “normal” range. The doc wants to put him on medicine. Hubby doesn’t want medicine.

So, we researched and found that losing weight and exercise will help lower the numbers. I need to drop quite a bit of weight, too. So… that’s what we’re going to do. He has agreed to eat more veggies and fruit with us. He’s agreed to exercise on a regular basis. We’ll have to come up with creative solutions for family exercise times.

So far, we’re going to play frisbee/disc golf as a family (even though I can’t throw a frisbee in a straight line any better than I can drive a tractor). I’ll run along side everyone when we’re chasing the frisbees on the disc-course. ha. That’s funny. Discourse. Disc-course.


If you’ve got any “inventive” strategies for exercise and movement with a family of 5 (kids are 10 and under), please share!


2 thoughts on “Triglycerides and jumping jacks

  1. Thanks my friend. We’ve gone walking for the last two nights (an hour each time) and added some “timed races” in the middle and some stair work. I like the hoolahoop idea! Ours are broken, but I may have to get us one!


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