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Stalagmites, stalactites and Bears…oh my!


Rejuvenated and

And what, you ask, did I do on this fabulous vacation?

Explored, examined and altogether enjoyed:

A visit to Cades Cove (more on that later)
Spotting a Mama Bear and cub (out in the wild!)
standing half a foot from sleeping bats (hanging out in an old church)
avoiding snakes (too close for comfort – ugh!)
spying Deer (everywhere!)
Touring Tuckaleechee Caverns and learning the difference between stalagmites, stalactites and chandeliers(more on that later, too)
Swimming in a cold, clear, mountain stream in Townsend
hiking up to a small, but beautiful, waterfall behind the Sugarland Welcome center
visiting the Cherokee Museum (broke my heart. seriously)

So….what didn’t I do on this fabulous vacation?

blog or
“do” email (okay, I did “do” email…my hubby took HIS computers. But I only read and/or responded to 10 of the 500 emails in my inbox. the rest I marked “as read”. I did NOT want to come home to that!)

We had a wonderful time. I had a chance to just “be”. (more on that later, too, I’m sure!)

Oh yeah — and we went to a place called WonderWorks. Wow. It wasn’t exactly “out in nature” like our other adventures…but it rocked, nonetheless. We need one here!!!

I’m ready to write — but my priorities are now in order (you guessed it, more on that later, too)

What did I bring back from this trip besides a deeper longing for cabin nestled in the woods?

A reminder that every good gift is a gift from the Lord.
And He has given us the gift of life.
Soooo…. I better Live life like I mean it!

Are you living life like YOU mean it?? If not – what are you waiting for?


8 thoughts on “Stalagmites, stalactites and Bears…oh my!

  1. I’m so glad that you had such a fabulous time! There’s nothing like a REAL vacation. I’m looking forward to having one with my family. Until then, we’ll continue with our day trips here and there.

    I’m nearly a quarter Cherokee, so I know what you mean about the sadness of the museum. I went to see the performance of “The Trail of Tears” and was never the same.

    Thanks for reminding us that we must, “Live life like you mean it!”

    Love your blog!



  2. Thanks for stopping by, Bish! I just headed over your way and took a gander at your car. WOW! She’s gorgeous!


  3. CJ — Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy your blog, too!

    I don’t think I have any Cherokee in my family, but for some reason, I’ve always had a heart for them. I’ve not seen the Trail of Tears, but I have read many books about it. Their is a play in Cherokee, NC called, “Unto These Hills”. I’ve never seen it — but I hope to one day. Probably in a few more years when all my kids can appreciate it a little more. Ya know?


  4. Welcome back!! Glad you had such a refreshing vacation. Those are the best, aren’t they? 🙂

    I took my boys on a tour into Mammoth Cave once. They kind of freaked out at first, but after a bit they thought it was pretty cool. Though they were too young to pronounce stalagmite/stalactite, much less remember the difference. 🙂

    Looking forward to your future posts!


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