For Our Troops

If you have a minute, watch the video (just push play). I think this says it all…


4 thoughts on “For Our Troops

  1. I’ve seen this 100 times but I still weep. Our son, D. spent 10 months in Iraq. He’s my own personal hero.



  2. He’s mine, too. As well as all those who have gone to serve and come back to us…and those who have not come back.

    We are blessed to have men and women willing to lay down their lives for the love of others.

    Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for a friend… John 15:13


  3. I tried to comment before but my computer grew angry and froze on me. So many people don’t really stop to think what ‘serving’ means. They aren’t serving the army, navy, airforce, etc…they’re servicing a nation, a people and freedom to live as we choose. Thanks for posting the vidoe clip–it is a good reminder to cherish what we have.


  4. I’m glad you stopped by Angela. There is a pretty big history of military men (and some women!) in my family. We are thankful for their willingness to serve and sacrifice their very lives for us. “No greater love…”


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