Full Tank

My hubby and I have been studying the Five Love Languages. We’re going pretty slowly through the book, maybe reading it together once a month. yep, that’s slow. But soooo like us.

Well, yesterday, my hubby and kids helped me with the house. We took about an hour and everyone volunteered for 4 jobs (There were about 20 things that needed to be done). We all pitched in and did what needed to done. And guess what? My house looks great. Yes, it still looks lived in — but still great!

My kids helped pick up the “stuff”, take out recyclables, clean the bathrooms (including the toilets!) and put away groceries. My hubby cleaned off a table AND cleaned my kitchen. YES – my kitchen!

You see, acts of service is one of my 2 dominant “love languages”. (I’m apparently bilingual). And yesterday, my hubby (and kids) really spoke my language. My “love tank” is full.

After our hour of labor, we all went outside and played badminton (including my hubby) and then we fixed dinner (he grilled, I fixed the sides). My love tank was and IS overflowing (did I mention “quality time” is my other dominant love language?).

Okay so…
Why is this so important? Because this is the type of day I’ve been waiting for.
We are always so busy that it sometimes feels like we’re perpetually saying “In a little while”, “Not today” or the all encompassing “We just can’t”. There’s also the whole “it’s not my job” statement (from everyone), but that’s best left for another post!
Love. It was shown through team work and no complaining (okay, not much).
Everything that was accomplished was done with sweetness and purpose. In other words – Family time! 🙂

We aren’t a “quick fix” type of couple (or family). It takes a while for things to sink in and become part of who we are. But we are paying attention and we do care. And somewhere, deep down, the Lord is changing us and slowly, slowly bringing those changes to the surface.

So even though my family isn’t reading this (except for maybe my hubby), I want to publicly state how much of a blessing this whole weekend was for me. To quote every nascar champion ever interviewed, “I can’t thank them enough”!! 🙂

(for the record: the badminton time really spoke to my girls, too. They are definitely have a “quality time” language!)


10 thoughts on “Full Tank

  1. What a beautiful post. 🙂 I’m looking forward to sharing a weekend like that with my family this summer. Many weekends, in fact. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. I’ve been reading The Five Languages of Love and was thinking it would be good for my husband to read it too. Sometimes when I say things I think he thinks I’m crazy, but I think the book is right on. Also, love your music side bar. So many good songs.


  3. Jodi –
    It’s a great book, isn’t it? It’s slow going for us right now, but still good. The thing is, he isn’t actually reading it. I’m reading it outloud to us both! I try not to read ahead, b/c I want to hear it for the first time when he does. There is also an online FREE study guide that goes with the book. Have you seen it?


  4. I did not know about the study guide. I just pulled it up and it looks great, thanks for letting me know. I may have to wait until fall to read it with my husband. He’s in Jacqui’s Room reading Moby Dick. He is J Thorp.


  5. He’s glad you two are talking here. The book sounds interesting, definitely. And fall’s coming quicker than any of us think! 🙂


  6. Had I been drinking my diet-caffeine-free coke (aka sodium water) at the time of reading y’alls almost simultaneous posts, I would have spewed it all over my hubby’s keyboard. Thankfully, I didn’t. I did, however, laugh very loudly which caused MY hubby to take notice and made him read the entire post (until then he had just skimmed it. But when he did read it, he found the typo in the last two lines. I’ll leave it just to bug him)



  7. I agree, this is a great book, particularly for couples. I’ve heard there’s a companion book for determining your child’s love language. My daughter’s not old enough yet, but I can’t wait to find out what hers is.


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