Still on Ezekiel (bits from chapter 2 and 3)

My hubby has a phrase he uses when I’m trying to explain something to him and wants me to KNOW he is getting it.

“Honey,” I say, “Do you understand what I mean?”
“Yep,” he says, “I do.”
“I mean – do you REALLY get it?”
“Darling,” he responds, with his sweet southern drawl, “I’m picking up what you’re putting down.”

In Ezekiel 2 and 3, the Lord tells Ez to “eat the food” he’s been given to eat. What was that food? A scroll with some pretty harsh words on it. (The scroll with the words of the Lord tasted like honey in his mouth, though. That’s something else to chew on, yeah?) Ezekiel did what he was asked to do. Then the Lord told him to go and share those words with the Isrealites.

In my hubby’s vernacular, Ezekiel was picking up what the Lord was putting down. He was taking it all in and listening with an attentive heart, ready to move when he was told to move. He didn’t listen passively and sort of “get it”. He took it all in… literally! And while this books seems to be told in first person for the most part (at least so far), Ezekiel hasn’t done much talking at all. Matter of fact, after he eats the scroll and the Lord tells him what to do – the Spirit of the Lord picks him up and takes him where he is supposed to be to deliver this message. THEN – Ezekiel just sits there, overwhelmed, with his fellow exiles in SILENCE for 7 days.

SEVEN DAYS OF SILENCE? I can barely go 7 seconds.

How often do I hesitate to take in all the Lord wants to give me? How often do I listen with a passive ear and heart and MISS the opportunity to draw closer to the Lord? Jesus said many times, “If you have ears, then hear!” Or, as the Message Bible puts it, “Are you listening to me? Really listening?”

Am I picking up what He’s putting down?


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