Wild things…

Ezekiel saw some wild things during his ministry as a prophet. I had my OWN encounter with a wild thing Saturday evening…

I was standing on the porch, chatting with a friend (via phone). About 10 minutes into the conversation, my middle girl cracked open the door then shut it quickly while simulataneously screaming, “SNAKE! SNAKE!” Apparently, he was wrapped partially around the door handle and when she stuck her head out, his body AND head were right at herlevel.

*Did you feel that? Yep, a shiver just ran through the blogosphere*

Understand this… I despise snakes. Especially THIS one. I’d already had two other encounters with it in the last month and a half. The first time, he was in my backyard. The second time, he was UNDER my house (in the basement).

Well, this time I was a few feet from the door AND the snake. I turned and saw the creepy monster on the porch slithering to the corner. I quickly hung up and looked for something to kill it with.

I won’t go into all the gory details…but I will say this. One of our neighbors and his friends were outside playing and they assisted me in keeping the nasty little thing in the corner until I could find something to, um, “take care” of the situation.

A few pounding moments later, the snake was dead. I called my friend back (so she knew we were okay) and the neighbor boys headed back home. I can hear them now, sharing the stories about the wild woman and the snake…

Anyway – as usual – the Lord has decided to teach me something from this whole experience. This particular snake showed up on a night when the Lord had been speaking to me about excellence. I knew there were areas in my life in which I was pursuing excellence…and others in which I was being rebellious. Earlier that day at a worship service, I had a clear vision of what the Lord was asking me to do in order to be obedient. I was in the middle of a conversation with my friend about that very subject when the SNAKE showed up.

In my life, I’ve always considered the snake as a symbol of rebellion.
Coincidence? I think not.

In my previous dealings with this snake, he eluded me. But I hoped he would simply GO AWAY and leave us alone. That isn’t how it works, is it? Matter of fact, he showed up on my FRONT door – on the handle, no less! This time, I had to TAKE ACTION. I had to face it head on and kill the little booger.

I experienced, in a very real way, the fact that rebellion doesn’t just “go away”. I have to make a conscious decision to be rid of it. Are there “snakes” in YOUR life that need a good whooping? Maybe we’d all be alot better off if we took care of them when they are in our “backyard” instead of waiting until they are at our front door.


8 thoughts on “Wild things…

  1. Great post!! And so true. Many times, we say “later” to those important things, and then they rear their ugly heads. *shudder*

    I’ve really been enjoying your posts on Ezekiel this month! 🙂 Sorry I haven’t been more vocal, but it’s been really busy lately…no excuse, I know. 🙂


  2. Oh, go on rebel a little.

    I wish the snake would have left you alone. I don’t know how you managed it, my girls freak if we swat flies at our house.

    My friend once ‘removed’ about a dozen snakes from his garden then complained a few weeks later when it was overrun with mice.

    What an emotional post. I went from sharing your daughter’s fear of finding a snake staring her in the face from feeling a flood of sympathy for the snake (I’m odd, I know)


  3. I would still be running in the opposite direction if I had seen that snake…grin…I’m glad everything turned out for the better…

    Hugs…Lilfix (Blueboards)


  4. Marcia and Christy – thanks so much for the encouraging words!

    Tabitha – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Ezekiel posts. Don’t worry about not commenting all the time. I don’t leave comments on your blog (or others!) everyday – but I do read them. So, no worries!

    Brenda – Thanks! I wanted to run in the house – but he was blocking my path! EEEK!

    Angela – I understand. Maybe I should put a disclaimer that the only snake injured was the one TRESPASSING on my property and eye-balling my baby! 🙂

    But that wouldn’t make snake-lovers around the country feel any better, would it? Eh, I’m from the south and we are a little less sentimental about reptiles. Some folks even like rattlesnake meat. Seriously.

    I’m not getting close enough to a rattlesnake to make it supper.


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