INspired by a friend…

A fellow writer, Donna Koppelman, has a fabulous blog . A few days ago, she put out a challenge to write a poem and post it to her blog. So I did. Here’s a link to her original post… POETRY FRIDAY.
My original response is on her site. However, I’m pasting it here, too. I’ve made one minor change. One itty-bitty word. My sweet hubby informed me of my mistake AFTER I’d already published it to her site. So, I’ve fixed it below. IF you see the difference, I’ll be impressed. If not – I’m just glad you read it! 🙂

Be forewarned – I’m NO Christina Rossetti…

Why Men and Fish can’t be Friends
by Donna Earnhardt

The day was bright
The day was great
until I ate my best friend, NATE

When we were small
we played and swam
around the edge of Grampa’s Dam

We splashed and jumped
we hid and dove
and stayed away from Danger Cove

We shared our dreams
and hoped for more
than those we knew who’d gone before

But sadly, in our second year
I watched our friendship disappear

And others saw the difference, too
While Nate stayed small…I grew and grew

In my defense, I didn’t know
that hunger could affect me so
Nor did I understand that Nate
would one day wind up on my plate

But Gramps had said it wouldn’t last
and made that final, fateful cast

Nate will live in memory
and all the things he taught to me

he taught me dives
he taught me tricks
and taught me not to swim with cliques

He taught me how to speak in BASS
and how to hide in reeds and grass

But, I’ll remember Nate the most…
served with rice and Texas Toast


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