I told my crit group I’d have something ready to sub by today. I don’t. So, I must come up with something before I go to bed tonight. Any subjects burning in your mind about which I could wax poetic? Any subject you think would cause a creative frenzy in my brain? I’m looking for suggestions, people…


4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Huh? Creative? Frenzy? Frazzled?




    Things that are beautiful?

    Inner beauty? You.

    Outer beauty? Me. 🙂

    You could write about me!

    See where a little word assocation will get you.



  2. How about the playoffs! LOL! Oh, that’s right, you only know about getting mad at umpires. How about a poem about two grown adults who stick their tongues out like little bratty children! LOL.

    I’m sure you’ll wrangle up something.



  3. When in doubt, pick something quirky and funny. Think about silly things you’ve done, or someone that you know. Tha’ll get the juices flowing…


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