Horrible thought

I was reading some of the comments from yesterday’s post and the thought hit me… What if I subconsciously reworded someone else’s post and used it as my own? What if this whole idea for yesterday’s post was really someone else’s?

I frantically searched my friend’s blogs to make sure I wasn’t stealing someone’s idea. I haven’t found it yet – but that’s not to say I won’t.

There have been a few times in some of my old (none that I’m in right now!) critique groups where writers have unwittingly adapted someone else’s story and made it their own. When the story was subbed for critique, the other members made the writer aware (ever so gently!) of the problem. Once they understood, they were embarrassed…but glad the issue was brought to their attention.

I don’t believe that most writers would ever do that intentionally. I know the members of my former critique group were (and are) fabulous people. It’s human nature to remember things we connect with and treasure.

Have you ever had someone read your story, internalize it and then rewrite it as if it were theirs? Or have you ever done that to someone else? How did you resolve it?

And by the way – if you are one of my friends and you DID blog about yesterdays post (iron sharpening iron/ironman/etc) – then PLEASE tell me. I’ll give you full credit. I’ve racked my brain and scoured the internet and my friends blogs, but I’ve found nada. Hopefully, it’s b/c I didn’t plagarize, paraphrase or otherwise perpetrate that horrible crime! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!


2 thoughts on “Horrible thought

  1. Is there really such a thing as an “original thought”?

    I think we all recycle the things we’ve heard, seen, read. But I know what you mean about thinking you “borrowed” someone else’s words without attribution. PANIC! Heart racing panic!



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