A little ranting…

I write poetry – some poems have been published.
I write stories and they have been published, too (in mags).
And yes…I write songs. But no, none are published – YET.

I’m not the kind of songwriter who can jot down all the notes and rhythm on a piece of composition paper. But I do write the words and most of the time, the melody comes right alongside. I then sing it to someone who is able to write it on the paper. 🙂

I feel funny, though, saying I’m a song writer. Why? Because when I say that, folks ask, “Have your songs been recorded?”

Um, no. Not unless you count voice recorder on my cellphone.
So, I respond, “NO, they’ve not been recorded – yet.”
They they respond, “Oh.”

You know the “oh” I’m talking about. They don’t really know what to say after that.

I’m not offended by the “oh”, it just gets old. Much like the “oh” you get if you tell someone you write for kids and they say, “Are you published?” And if you say, “No,”…they say, “Oh.”

For some folks, publication is the only validation that is “worthy”. I don’t happen to feel that way. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t simply write for my own pleasure. I am thankful for the publications I’ve been blessed with. However, I am no less of a song writer because none of my songs are published. Quite honestly, I haven’t pursued publication for them yet. I would like for someone to sing them and share them. Maybe that someone will be me. Maybe it will be someone else. But having them published is just the next step. I am a writer of songs. But as of now, the rest of the free world hasn’t been clued in on this fact.

Are you any less of a good mom b/c you haven’t been interviewed for Parent/Child Magazine? Are you any less of a good housekeeper b/c your house hasn’t been feature in Homes and Garden mag? Are you any less of a great singer, writer, storyteller, painter or whatever b/c you haven’t been publicly announced, validated and pronounced as such?

I’d love to have everything I’ve written in published form. (Okay, not EVERYTHING). However, I have to be confident in the fact that I am doing what I’m called to do regardless of outside circumstances. That’s not to say my work is perfect. Far from it!

I have two critique groups that I am blessed to have in my life that help me hone my craft. They point out my mistakes, my weaknesses and places that need fixin’! However, they are there to help me grow in my gift as I am there to help them. I pray while I’m writing and revising that I’m improving my work according to the Lord’s guiding – not my own.

If I am confident and firm in the Foundation that has been laid for me, then when the publications do come, they will be a bonus…an affirmation if you will. I already know what I’ve been called to do. I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mom and yes, I’m a writer. I just need to keep doing it all and not grow weary. Because one day that “oh”… will be an “OH!”

3 thoughts on “A little ranting…

  1. I feel your pain! One conclusion that I’ve come to is that a lot of people don’t like to write or even if they like writing, they don’t like it enough to work hard at it. I don’t think most people understand why someone would spend time on writing something if it’s not going to get published. I calm my frustration by realizing that they are poor souls that just don’t “get” the joy of writing for writing’s sake. Their loss. and our wonderful secret! :0) Writing:


  2. Good luck with your song writing! I love music, but I was not meant to play it myself!
    Great post…I do feel weird sometimes when I say I write picture books..same “Oh” after someone hears none have been published YET!
    But I am actually less of a housekeeper…I’m the queen of clutter!;0)


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