Write2Ignite – part2

In my last post, I shared a link to a dear friends site about Write2Ignite. She has some great pics up. The reason I shared her link first is b/c she was one of the coordinators. I wanted to give everyone a chance to see the pics and read her account. I’m going to list some other links, too, from different presenters another post. But first – I’m going to post my thoughts. So hold on to your hats…

When I arrived Friday morning, Jean was already there (of course!) as was a lovely writer named Kim Kasch. She is lovely! We had a great time chatting and getting to know one another while we set up tables and such. Later in the evening – the rest of the conference attendees and presenters arrived. What a beautiful crowd!

We all worshiped the Lord through music, led by the giftings of Mike Blackwood and his wife (what a fabulous voice!) and then through the spoken word, led by Dr. Maurice Henson (First Baptist Church, Indian Trail NC). It was exactly the way it should have been! Later that evening, we shmoozed and enjoyed some hot cocoa and sweeties. Then everyone was shuttled back to their hotel rooms. Some had traveled from as far away as OREGON. Wow.

The next day was amazing. There were three different sessions that allowed the attendees to choose from several workshops. There was also a Q&A with the presenters (which included two editors), and an cozy scrumptious lunch which allowed us all another chance to get to know one another. Simply delightful!

I had the pleasure of leading a couple of workshops. I had an hour and 15 minutes or so to share some “nuts and bolts of writing”. I think there could be an entire weekend on the “nuts and bolts” of writing and it wouldn’t be enough!

I attended a course with a couple other folks on songwriting. MIke Blackwood led the workshop. WOW. He took us through the whole process, from the seed of an idea to the full blown production of a song. WOW (again). I came away with information I didn’t even know was out there!

I don’t have enough room to share everything that happened. But I expect that the next Write2Ignite will be even stronger and spilling over with more information. You’ll just have to make plans to be at the next one!

p.s. I’ll be making a list in a week or so of the presenters so you can visit their pages and soak in their wisdom!


6 thoughts on “Write2Ignite – part2

  1. I wondered what the song writing workshop was like – I wish I could have been there. It was hard to choose! I wanted to attend them all.


  2. Thanks, Donna. It was a great weekend. And I received lots of positive feedback about your “Nuts ‘N Bolts” workshop.

    Thank you for helping us to make it a valuable experience.



  3. Donna,
    I had to drop back in and let you know that I’m still thinking about the WRITE2IGNITE CONFERENCE! It was filled with so many “LIGHT BULB” moments that I’m still all LIT up like a Christmas tree. 🙂

    Sending loving thoughts your way,


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