Ode to 37

IN honor of my hubby’s birthday today…I’ve composed a little birthday poem…

37? What a year!
I can’t believe it’s gone.
It’s seems that only yesterday
You woke up to its dawn

Time raced by and left behind
the flurry of it’s wonder
hours seemed like seconds
and the days rolled through like thunder

Blessings poured on top of joy
and Love heaped onto love
helped to heal the other times
we won’t make mention of!

Though flecks of brown have bid farewell
and gray is peeking through…
you’ve got a lot of hair up there –
it’s sticking on like glue! 🙂

Your smile still grabs me by the heart
I love it’s warm embrace
You’ve grown in wisdom yet…
you haven’t lost your baby face! 🙂

37? Gone for good
and 39? soon knockin’
FOR NOW – enjoy your 38…
and keep that bass line rockin’!


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