Camping? Me?

This past weekend I traveled with our youth on a camping trip.
Tent camping.

Yes – me.

I don’t like bugs. I love the comfort of my own home (include the bathroom). I don’t usually like sharing a living space with wild critters (tame ones are a different story).

But this weekend, well, I had a blast. Critters and all!

We fished. We used the rowboats. We rapelled and went wall climbing. (okay, I didn’t do it this time… but my hubby did!) We went on a treasure hunt and had wonderful meals cooked over an open fire. And of course – we had smores! The theme of the weekend was the Holy Spirit. Several great Reflections and opportunities for prayer and worship.

Did I mention the youth ranged in age from 11 all the way up to 15? PLUS we had some great help from our young adults (college age and early 20’s) and other folks from our church (most of us WELL over 20!). It was truly a wonderful experience.

A few things I learned from the trip:

1. Camping is VERY enjoyable when someone else is cooking the food. Thank you Rocio, Bob, Suzanne and everyone else who handled that aspect of the trip!

2. Sleeping in a tent isn’t horrible – but it does make me thankful that I have my own comfortable bed to sleep in on a regular basis!

3. Sitting around the campfire is one of the coolest things on the planet. There is something about the blazing fire that the Lord uses to remind us of the Fire of his Holiness and what He wants to ignite in us!

4. I am spoiled…rotten. And I need to get over myself. There are folks who live in tents EVERYDAY b/c they no longer have a home.

I had NO internet access. And it didn’t kill me. We did use phones…but to interact with parents who weren’t able to come for the weekend. Even that is a luxury! I didn’t have a pillow the second night and complained about it. How spoiled is that? VERY! I am more and more grateful for all the little things!

I’m still chewing on some of the stuff – but this is enough for now. If you haven’t been camping in a while, or ever, go. Then share what you learn. I bet it will be a ton!


3 thoughts on “Camping? Me?

  1. oooooh, I wish I was a better camper. I’m afraid I’m too rotten. I used to do it when I was younger, but I ALWAYS got stuck on the tree root, and every time I sit around a campfire, the smoke follows me. I have allergies and my nose runs something awful. My hubby and kids love it. I’ve learned to let them enjoy it and I’ll wait for them at home…in my recliner, with my coffee and a good book. But I’m glad that YOU enjoyed it!!!! lOl


  2. You already KNOW my feelings about camping. If it doesn’t have a hot shower,a firm mattress, and HVAC I don’t want it.

    But isn’t it cool that the Lord can teach us about ourselves and about Him and about others around us regardless of the setting?

    And being under God’s big sky where you can actually see the stars and hear owls hooting IS way cool.



  3. Thank you both for sharing! I am, in truth, not that crazy about bugs or sleeping on hard forest floors. However, I am amazed at how God teaches me through it all. Ya know? 🙂


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