Towels, undies and socks…Oh MY!

Today I washed about a bazillion loads of laundry at once.

I’m not kidding…and I’m not proud.

I used that super-gigantic-big-enough-for-Jolly-Green-Giant Washer at the Laundry Mat.I dried them all and folded them, too. In fact, I dried, washed and folded all the clothes in an hour and a half. It rocked!

You see, I’ve been living with Mount Washmore for the last month or so. I’d wash and wash…but never get ahead. I’d have onc wash done…two more dirty. It seemed as if we were here long enough to do damage – but not nearly long enough to do good! And in our family of 5, there is a never ending supply of dirty clothes. I do have a good washing machine and dryer at home. I just need to make better use of them! If I get even a day behind, it’s all downhill from there!

I am thankful for the fact that we have so many clothes and a way to keep them clean. I am thankful for the chance to serve my family in this way. I am thankful that God has blessed us with this opportunity to learn to be good stewards.

So I am back in fluttering mode with the FlyLady method. It’s not a pretty process for me…but it’s a necessity. IN the recent past, the Lord has used her methodology to help me. I believe He will again!

Even after the gargantuan load of clothes I cleaned out today, I still have a few loads left to wash. But I just might go BACK to the LaundryMat tomorrow and wipe ’em all out. My two younger kids would love it, for sure. They sat on little benches for the first 20 minutes and just stared at the monstrous washing machine with awe and giggles. It was fabulous. If only we were all that easily amused…


2 thoughts on “Towels, undies and socks…Oh MY!

  1. I am proud of you. I remember those days of sorting mounds of laundry in the basement.

    White and lite..
    White and heavy..
    Light colors and lite..
    Light colors and heavy..
    Dark colors were always heavy..
    Denim got a load all its own.

    I got lots of exercise going up and down the basement stairs.

    Maybe that’s why I have to work so hard to get rid of my body’s extra fluff now that I’m not playing tag with the laundry room.

    Enjoy the wonderful feel and smell of clean, warm laundry.



  2. I just wash them all together. NOne of them fade anymore. LOL! That really, really bothers extremely organized hubby. 😉


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