writing for children

Lord, Undo me…

“…it’s time to get down on my knees and pray.
Lord undo me
Put away my flesh and bone
Til you own this spirit through me.
Lord undo me.”   — Jennifer Knapp, singer/songwriter

Every time I hear those words, my spiritual knees turn to jelly. 

What is it about that term, “undo me” that makes me tremble in my boots — and yet rejoice at the thought? I suspect it is the same contradictory feelings we have when we ask for a life changing experience…and then get it. 🙂 The desire for change is there – yet the familiar place of the past is such an easy place to peg our tents.

New skin – new decisions – new expectations. NOT an easy place to camp.  But oh so much better than the old skin! So much better than the rotting flesh and bone we call “comfortable” and mistakenly think is safe.

Just as you change the caterpillar, Lord – undo me until I am undone. Then wrap me in the life changing newness of your grace. And I will fly…


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