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Facebook about Face

Okay, so I’ve dropped facebook from my list of daily “things to do”.  And yes, I deactivated my account.



It wasn’t easy…but it should have been. Especially as I looked around me at my house and the list of “to do” things that truly need my attention. Instead, I was wasting time playing the drug that IS Bejeweled Blitz on facebook. If you haven’t played it — don’t. You’ll be sucked in. As soon as you hit “play”, the time warp envelopes you and POOOF! Two or more hours of your life  GONE.

My new OFFICE hours were not supposed to include but a few minutes of facebook time. *sigh* I allowed those few minutes to morph into the hours. Just “one more game” turned into 20.

Thus, I had to cut off the thing that was offending me. *sigh* Why not just stop playing the game? Well, that would work if ALL my friends weren’t on facebook, too. I love talking to them, chatting and trying to beat them at Bejeweled Blitz. UGH! There it is again. See? I had to leave. It was a necessity!

I have a pile of critiques that need my red pen marks. I have several of my own stories and poems that are craving my attention. I have a control journal that needs controlling. The list goes on and on…

Interestingly enough, I’m not going through withdrawal. I have been sick since I deactivated my account. BUT I’m sure that has NOTHING to do with it. right? RIGHT? RIGHT!???  🙂

Seriously, it’s been a good few days without FB. I’ve felt freedom in a way that I didn’t think I would. It’s interesting how things that we think are “just for fun” can soon turn into chains. How about you? Are there any chains in your life that you need to “cut off”?


9 thoughts on “Facebook about Face

  1. I have quite a few friends who frequently deactivate their Facebook account when they have things to do. Most of them are creatives or those who work from home in one way or another. In fact, I have an inbox full of short stories to plough through and edit for the magazine I have become involved in recently, so it might be time for my FB account to experience the deactivation mode.


  2. I fall into the “creative types who work from home” category. 🙂 My hubster is none to pleased I deactivated my FB account. I told him it’s just for a season. The addiction was proving disastrous to my writing schedule. Oh yeah – and my house was a wreck, too. 🙂


      1. In case you haven’t already noticed, i speak french. I have to be extra careful when i write. I have to consult the dictionnary regularly before i post. The dictionnary is not helping me for correct sentence construction or grammar rules, so errors are inevitable.

        The english equivalent would be Peter. I like my first name too!


    1. Hearing this from a native english speaking person is certainly flattering and even more so coming from a writer such as you. Merci beaucoup, c’est trop gerntil!


      1. I’m a plain ol’ southern gal, Pierre – so I had to get a translation. 🙂 I believe it says, “Thank you, very much, you are too kind” or something like that? Am I close? gentil – gentle, right?


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