writing for children

In a mode…

I want to be in rhyming mode
instead of html code
I try to think of adjectives
instead of gobblygook that gives
my mind a page of “css”
(please don’t ask me – I’m still a mess)
And when I lay my head to rest
my mind goes on a “websearch” quest
I try to learn the ins and outs
but too soon I give in to doubt
and wonder if I’ve done it right
Will anyone come to our site?
Will all the pages work as planned?
or will they be a taste of bland?
I cannot rest
I cannot sleep
I’m in too far
I’m in too deep
But wait…

is that a poem I see?
Waving, smiling down at me?
WHy yes! It is!
I’ve powered through
and finished what I wanted to
Now I can post this post with glee
as rhyming, rocking poetry
And get back to the website shell
and learn more ’bout html!


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