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Cinquain Crazy!


*from cinquain.org*
*from cinquain.org*

For those of you who have studied the Cinquain, you probably already know the history of this form of poetry. For those of you who don’t, here is a great link that explains how it all started.



The Cinquain!

I have read many of Adelaide Crapsey’s cinquians and wow. She had a way with words. Her poems are fluid…mine are choppy. Her words create a picture that grabs you. I’m afraid most of mine sit quietly in the corner, waiting to be asked to dance. 🙂

That being said – I am posting my collection of Cinquains, “A Year of Cinquains”. I hope you will try your hand at a cinquain (or twelve!) and post them here. It will be a great exercise and I’m looking forward to seeing them! 

Unlike the modern cinquain that is taught in most schools around our region, Crapsey’s cinquain was based on syllables. (2, 4, 6, 8, 2)  She also titled hers, effectively giving herself a 6th line that added to the depth of the poem. I’ve not titled mine – but I have used her syllabic pattern.

Enough chatting…here goes. Hope you enjoy!

A Year of Cinquains

by Donna Earnhardt


Fresh start –


New Year’s day comes calling

With falling snowflakes and frosted




hearts and kisses

February is here

Will you be my Valentine? Yes

Or no?


 March comes

 In roaring winds

Barely warmed by the sun –

With promises of flowers and

New birth


 Spring reigns!

Reds, greens, yellows

Explode in the garden

A rainbow of edible joy



May is

Here. Impatience is, too –

Itching for summer’s vibrant voice

To sing


School’s out!

And June listens

To cricket’s serenade

During the long, sticky nights of




Rings loud and clear.

Independence parade

Topped off by a scrumptious picnic




Ushers in school,

Waves goodbye to summer

and wipes her sweaty brow waiting

for Fall



And spices fill

September. But never

Forget the day our nation lost

Her breath



Leaves surround me.

I shuffle through their maze.

The Jack o’lantern– October’s




Pumpkins and pies,

Thankful hearts and football –

Conclude November’s tasty month.

I’m stuffed!


 Songs, lights

And garland fill

The sidewalks, stores and homes

December is alive with love –



11 thoughts on “Cinquain Crazy!

  1. Those are really cool. Never heard of that style before that I recall. Some are “o.k.” but some of these should really make a magazine…


  2. Sean, Tee, and Jean,

    Thank you for your kind words! I was hoping to see some of your cinquains up here, too. Any brave souls out there? 🙂

    And Jean – which mss is this? Have you sent it to me yet? If not, I’m itching to see it!


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