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Digging up bones

If you haven’t heard, Edgar Allan Poe has died.
AP photo
AP photo

Okay…he didn’t really die again – but he was reburied. Okay – okay…HE wasn’t reburied, but a close facsimile of his former self was. Avid fans of the famous (and sometimes infamous) author gathered earlier this month to right what they considered a terrible wrong. His first death (you know, the real one) was under-publicized and scandalized.  This one has been covered by tons of reporters and is on Yahoo news.

  The folks at the funeral not only eulogized him…but also created a wax figure that looked exactly like him so they could go through the burial process once more. They felt the need to relive his life, death and funeral (and the wealth of sadness it represented). They did it all to honor a man they admired. I get it.

 But guess what?

 It doesn’t change the fact that Poe is still deader than a doornail.

I’d like to label this macabre reburial as strange. But sadly, I think most of us have engaged in similar behavior. Let’s get philosophical for a few moments…

Have you ever brought up a subject – in the midst of a heated discussion -that was previously considered “dead and buried”? Perhaps you dug it up, (even though it was smelly enough the first time around) and offered it up as a viable part of the current argument?

Have you ever had a destructive thought pattern or habit that you finally put 6 feet under…only to find yourself reliving it? Before too long, you remember WHY you buried it the first time and have to go through the process all over again. 

What good does that do? We often relive and “eulogize” the things in our lives over and over again that should have been left in the their proverbial graves. In other words, we relive the sin in our lives (or the lives of others) and expect to get a different result. Guess what? We don’t!

So how can we change the outcome?    

According to Romans 6– When Jesus died, he took sin down with him, but alive he brings God down to us. From now on, think of it this way: Sin speaks a dead language that means nothing to you; God speaks your mother tongue, and you hang on every word. You are dead to sin and alive to God. That’s what Jesus did.  (the Message)

 With Christ…our dead stuff is crucified and buried.  We are now babes in Christ and we’ve got new life!   We need to leave those bones in the grave where they belong! 

As for Poe? I hope Poe’s fans let the man rest in peace now. And if the question is ever asked, “Should we hold another Poe funeral?”, the answer can be found straight from the dead man’s own words…


 Quote the Raven, “NEVERMORE!”                            



5 thoughts on “Digging up bones

  1. Hi Donna, I noticed your blog link in your email so thought I would pop over and find out a little more about a fellow BMA writer 🙂 I think we have a common blogging friend — Jean! Small world, huh? Blessings!


  2. Amy – yes. Leave it to Poe! 😉

    Cheryl – Thanks for stopping by! yes, Jean is a good friend of mine, too! She and I are in the same critique group (in person) and are on the Write2Ignite conference team. She is an awesome lady!


  3. Donna,
    You found my blog through a friend participating in Mary DeMuth’s blog tour and I just wanted you to know I’ve been enjoying your blog as well! I love networking with fellow Christians who have a passion to write!


  4. Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet message! I’m looking forward to reading more and more of your blog, too. (I just read the post about your adoption jitters. Hope to see an updated post on that situation really soon!)



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