writing for children


My sweet friend, Miss Gay Rudisill, shared some news with me tonight at our mudskippers crit group meeting.

I’m in Highlights for Children this month!  

As she was looking through her grandson’s November Highlights she saw my my poem, Giving Thanks. I’m sure I’ll receive my contributor’s copies in the near future (they are REALLY good about that!) and you KNOW my mama will be getting one. 🙂

If you don’t receive Highlights for Children, but would like to see it AND hear it, here is a link to their website.  http://highlightskids.com/Magazine/Nov09/h11109_givingThanks.asp

The illustrator for the poem, Kristi Valiant, is so gifted! Check out her blog and news about her new book at http://kristivaliant.blogspot.com/ and http://www.kristivaliant.com/coracookspancit.html .

(Is it okay for me to do a little cartwheel right now? What a great way to kick off the weekend! And I must say once more…Thank you, Lord!)


8 thoughts on “Da-dada-da!!

  1. Andrea, Amy and Vijaya…

    Thank y’all so much! I got my contributor copies today and the illustrations really are gorgeous! (I’m using way too many exclamations today…but I can’t help it. I’m so happy! See?? 😉 )


  2. Hey, Donna!
    Thanks for stopping by Stef’s and my blog. Not that we post very often. Ah, the cares of life and all that. Facebook seems to get more of our attention these days, sadly. And yes, the BlogTalk Radio does Archive all the shows. So you can go to Felice’s BlogTalk Radio “Information in a Nutshell” and scrounge around to find anything you might want to listen to.
    And BTW, great going in Highlights! *happy dance for ya!*


  3. thanks Susan! I recently deleted my FB account. It was getting way TOOOO Much of my attention. I’ve accomplished so much more since I left. I do miss being able to chat with my buddies and playing the Bejeweled Crack. Um…I mean…Bejeweled Blitz. BUT – it’s been good for me not to be on there.

    Hope to see more of your blog posts soon!



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