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Clerihew contest, anyone?

A few posts ago, I blogged about Cinquains. I invited folks to post their own in the comments section. Did anyone do it? Nope. (but I did have some sweet and encouraging comments posted. Thanks, Sean, Tee and Jean!)

But today’s post might prompt you to action! Have you ever heard of a clerihew? If you don’t know how to write one, Kenn Nesbitt gives a great description and instructions here.  One note: the clerihew’s uneven and sometimes unnatural rhythm  is part of the charm. My first feeble attempt at a clerihew…

a clerihew

is hard to chew

the rhythm is off

making poets sputter, stutter and cough


Ouch. that hurts! the rhythm is bugging me! ARRRGGHH!

Anyway…after you’ve ready my attempts, post your own in the comment section. I will pick a winner. Yes, I get to pick it ’cause it’s my blog. 🙂

And the winner receives…um…the notoriety of being the winner of the blog contest?  Okay, okay – I’ll have a prize. But I’ll post the prize when I post the winner.

Let’s go over the rules again:

1. Follow the link above to gigglepoetry.com and read Kenn Nesbitt’s instructions on how to write a clerihew.

2. Read my feeble attempts.

3. Write your own clerihew and post them (you can post up to 3) in the comment section.

4. Check back for the winner one week from today.

5. Prompt me to pick a winner if I haven’t done so by a week from today.


Alrighty…here we go!


Feeble attempt #2:George_Washington

Remember Ol’ George Washington?

As president, he’s number one.

He found his calling in the midst of his adventures.

But I often wonder…did he ever lose his dentures?

Please proceed! 🙂 (and remember – this is a family friendly blog!)

WAIT! I’ve got one more:



So he shoved a rose

Up his nose.


13 thoughts on “Clerihew contest, anyone?

  1. A little known actor named Heene
    turned into our national weinie.
    a boy, a balloon,
    a lying buffoon,
    now everyone thinks he’s a meanie.

    I tried.. it turned into a limerick .. I’ll be back


  2. Donna poetry is NOT my thing. I had to write a Haiku last semester and I’ll be honest…I’d rather do a research paper, lol! But I REALLY like yours!


  3. But Amy! You are so talented. This is a fun exercise with only a few rules. You can do WAY better than mine. See example below. You know you can! 🙂

    My weird friend Donna
    bought an iguana
    it ate her fave socks
    so she traded him in for two pet rocks


  4. Okay, Donna. Here are my feeble attempts:

    Brother Jack
    broke his back.
    He fell off his pony
    while eating baloney

    My friend, Mr. Cook
    took a matchbook
    “I’ll light it,” he cried
    and now he is fried

    A princess named Rose
    fell on her nose
    “She’s awfully clumsy,”
    said the queen, Rose’s mumsy.


    1. These are hilarious! Poor Pooh! 😉

      Here’s my attempt:
      A hunky young male, the tall Jacob Black
      Is as loyal as his hair is long down his back.
      He’s quite taken with a teenager with the name Bella,
      But alas she’s in love with a sparkly, fanged fella.


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