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Eye rolls are sooooo last year!

My 7 year old was reading to me from her chapter book today. In the middle of one of the paragraphs, she stops and sighs.  Then she says…

“Rolled her eyes? Why does everyone roll their eyes in every book I read? Everyone rolls their eyes!! What’s up with that?”

I suspect that is one of those thingees I need to make sure does NOT happen in my books unless the eyes are in dire need of a good rolling! LOL!

How many times do your characters roll their eyes? are there any other actions you see repeated again and again?

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5 thoughts on “Eye rolls are sooooo last year!

  1. Thanks for stopping in, Anna! 🙂 My characters *sigh* alot. They roll their eyes and shake their heads. They are virutally bobble head dolls!

    Maybe that should be my next book: Bobble head characters and the writers who love them! 🙂


  2. Your daughter is an astute reader. No rolling of eyes, heads or bodies in my wip, but one character sighs too much and the other laughs too much. But their eyes are in their sockets 🙂


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