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Mystery Dryer Theatre

I have a habit of washing and drying clothes at night, then checking to make sure they are no longer damp. If they are, then I dry them a bit longer. Once I am satisfied they are dry, I either fold them (if it isn’t too late) or leave them in the dryer until morning (or whenever I get around to them the next day). 

But a  month or so ago, I noticed that the clothes in my dryer were not smelling very fresh.  I even had to rewash a few loads. I was beginning to worry about my dryer. It’s not very old…but old enough to no longer have a warranty. *sigh* Thankfully, it was only happening here and there – so I didn’t put too much thought into it.

I also noticed an increase in dog hair when I took the clothes out of the dryer. That was explained easily enough. My medium sized dog sleeps in the same room our washer and dryer are, unless she insists on staying outside. She was shedding pretty badly, so hair floats around a lot back there. Still, there was a bit more than usual. A LOT more than usual. I even found it on on some of the clothes in the dryer. VERY odd.  If she continued losing hair at that pace, she was going to be a naked dog.

Today, however, my two youngest daughters were sitting on my bed conversing about hiding places when the youngest (C-bug) piped up.

“She was in the dryer, MOM!” C-Bug glanced toward my middle girl (Z-girl). “I saw her!”

There was no time to lose. I immediately responded and addressed Z-girl. “YOU were in the dryer? You know to NEVER, EVER, EVER hide in a dryer!”

Z-girl responded lightning quick, her eyes as big as the moon pie she’d eaten earlier in the day, “NU-UH!!”

Before I could say another word, the youngest girl piped up once more with the “rest of the story”…and the mystery was solved.  I ran to the back to see for myself.

Boo-Boo...unapologeticConfession: In addition to leaving the clothes in the dryer at night, I also have a bad habit of leaving the dryer door open sometimes. I really didn’t think a dog as big as ours could crawl in NOR would she want to.

Obviously, I was wrong.

I’ll hand it to her – she got away with it for a month. Guess I’ll be rewashing that load, too…

10 thoughts on “Mystery Dryer Theatre

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. You must write this up as a magazine story.

    Once I started the dryer with a batch of clothes straight from the washer. I heard a tremendous noise and thumping and when I opened the dryer, the cat sprang out!


  2. Kim – you have a puppy? awwww! Our boo is going on 11 years old. *sigh* only a year younger than my oldest girl!

    Vijaya – that’s a great idea! I’ll work on it!

    Cheryl – me, too! And thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. That is just too funny!
    I have my own dog-laundry related woes. I let my dogs out in the fenced in yard every night right before I go to sleep. My 9 month old puppy and 13 yr old dog then run up to our room and either play or jump into bed. Twice this week my puppy ran up and peed right on the bed! That’s 3-4 loads of laundry with the sheets, blanket, comforter and mattress pad! (thank goodness I bought a waterproof mattress pad years ago when my toddlers would nap in there sometimes!) It’s been raining this week, so my pup must have stayed at the door when I let her out!


  4. So, while she was in there…did she eat the socks that can never seem to be found? Maybe I should check for a dog in my dryer!! Been blaming the dryer for years over that one! Ok, write this up and submit it somewhere…


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