writing for children

Poetry is good for what ails you…so I’ve written some

The “awake b/c the kids have fevers” poem 

by Donna “Mama” Earnhardt

The kids all feel rotteninfluenza_germ

they cough and ACHOO!

Their legs feel like jelly


     “This medicine’s nasty!” they say with a shiver.

       Their eyes fill with tears and their bottom lips quiver.

Their weak eyes are droopy,

Their mucus is thick.

Their heads hurt. Their backs ache.

     “We hate being sick!”

I give them some motrin

They crawl into bed

I tuck them in tightly

And kiss their warm heads

     “Goodnight, my sweet babies.”

I turn out the light.

I head to my bed,

a warm, welcome sight.

I snuggle my husband,

but just for a bit.

He shivers and coughs

                       and says weakly,

                                               “I’m hit.”


7 thoughts on “Poetry is good for what ails you…so I’ve written some

  1. Thank you for the prayers, my friend. We do appreciate them all. I think the oldest is in the thick of it, and the younger two on the last legs of the nasty virus. I certainly hope so, anyway! 🙂

    The sequence of events in the poem are actually backwards as to what really happened. My kids got the flu from my hubby! 🙂 He had it last week, but has an infected gum/tooth/root canal thingee this week. NO fun. Then THEY got the nasty bug. But as writers are apt to do, I rearranged the events so the poem made for better reading. Would this be considered “based on a true story” poetry? 😉

    Seriously, thank you for the prayers. I am ready for them ALL to be 100% better. I hope all the folks in your house are healthy and happy!



    1. Write a book? Me? Ya know – I think I just might! (oh wait…I already have. But I feel another one coming!)
      Seriously – thanks for the sweet comment!

      and 🙂 right back atcha! 😉



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