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  • IMGP4237Notebooks full of deep, soul searchin’ and emotionally charged poetry…
  • Loving your best friends, despising your enemies and being confused by your frenemies…
  • Hormones all over the place – and acne, too.

Remember those days? I do, too. The days of Tweenageritis.

And now, despite my husband’s effort to find a “stop time” pill, our oldest DD is going through the same thing.  Surprisingly, she loves asking about how I handled things when I was her age. I oblige. Then she asks for me to tell her again. And again.

I love it. I truly do. As of late, there have been some imbalances in the mom and daughter realm. You know, the sighs, the “really mom?” looks and the “I already knew that” eye roll.

  These are the times I can see God’s sense of humor kicking in.  My mom was right.  About EVERYTHING. Almost. (Fine…everything!) 🙂

Being on the other side of the situation gives me even greater appreciation for my mom. (And trust me, that’s hard to do ’cause my mom rocks).

I understand now why she was so calm when catastrophes were happening all around me. (yes, now I know they weren’t really catastrophes – but I thought they were then!)  

I understand why sassy-ness and “back talk” were NOT accepted in my parent’s house.

I understand why she insisted I always come home on time and not go places by myself.

I get it.

I just hope that one day, my daughter does, too. I hope all three of my daughters do. But right now, the oldest is the closer to adulthood than the other two. She’ll be driving in the blink of an eye. She’ll be in college after that. And *gasp!*…then she’ll be walking down the aisle.

Maybe my husband should get back to work on that “stop time” pill.

p.s. Don’t forget to enter the poetry contest. It ends next week. See yesterday’s post for details.


10 thoughts on “Tweenageritis

  1. Oh girl, I’ve walked in your shoes! And two of my girls walked down the aisle just over a year ago (3 months apart!!!) Treasure each moment…even the “eye rolling” ones. 🙂 They will each come to the realization…just as you did…that Mamas are pretty smart cookies!

    Praying for you!


    1. Prayers are ALWAYS appreciated, my sweet friend! 🙂 I can hardly believe how old my baby is. *sigh* On the bright side – she still likes to spend lots of time with me.

      Both down the aisle? 3 months apart? ARRGGH!! That was a double whammy. I have to say this…you do NOT look old enough to have grown (and married) daughters!



  2. Oh, boy, I feel this too. We’re at the cusp of it … and I tell my kids they’ll thank me when they’re 30. After all, I’ve turned into my mother and she was right … it just took me a while to realize it.

    Now there’s a book: The Stop-Time Pill 🙂


  3. I have a 15 year old and we are just now hitting the stage of a little bit of ‘tude added to the end of most sentences. She is open with me and that is good but you are so right. My mom certainly knew more than I gave her credit for. I wonder if I gave my mom the blank stare or the look of shock and amazement when she requested the simple things similar to my requests to my teen. I also have a 4 year old so right when my first born is through HS and College I will be welcoming a tween. I probably should have planned that a bit better so I got it all done at the same time.


    1. I feel your pain. I don’t have that much space between my girls, but there is enough! 🙂 5 years between the oldest and middle girl, then 7 years between the oldest and youngest. Fun. 🙂

      I know there is a MOPS group (mothers of pre-schoolers). Is there one for moms of Tweens? EEEEEEKKK!!!



  4. What a precious post! Caroline just turned six and I’m having so much fun with her. She’s finally starting to care about what she wears and I see her little personality blossoming before my eyes. I just love those one on one Mommy moments! Thanks for sharing about yours!


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