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Poetry contest winner!

A few words before the winner is announced…

Some of you said you’d never written freeverse before, or maybe you were just dipping your toes in the water. If so,  I’m extra proud of you for jumping into this contest. WAY TO GO! I hope your experience in free verse was enjoyable AND a stepping stone for other projects.

I love poetry and free verse is one of my favorite forms. So this contest was super fun for me! 🙂 There were several submissions that really stood out. The three that made it to the top of the pile are as follows (in no particular order):

Breathless by Jean Matthew Hall

Spring by Kelly Polark

Untitled by True (first entry)

The hard truth? I can only pick one for the Nikki Grimes book. So I picked the one that made my husband sit up and take notice. He doesn’t believe that free verse poetry is “real” poetry. He loves for everything to rhyme. 🙂

When I read all the poems to him, he actually laughed and commented on the winning entry. That was enough to convince me!

Without further ado, the winner is: SPRING by Kelly Polark!

If you missed her winning entry – here it is:


by Kelly Polark

Spring is a tease.
She embraces me with her warmth one day,
Then she pummels me with ice the next.
She asks for forgiveness with cold raining tears
And flowers every color of the rainbow.
Then once again she’s bitter and cold.
I think I prefer to be friends with her sister, Summer.
Summer’s hot.


Congratulations, Kelly!  Be sure and send me your snail mail addy so I can send the book to you once I receive it. It should be here any day now!

If you haven’t checked out Kelly’s blog, what are you waiting for? http://kpolark.blogspot.com/

p.s. Thanks to ALL who participated in this poetry contest. And to all who shared the contest on your blog, your friends or twitter – *HUGS!*  Thank you for helping get the word out. The next poetry contest will be using the form of poetry known as the tetractys…or maybe the sonnet…or – oh never mind. I’ll figure it out later. 🙂


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