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Mixing it up

Donna's phone 254


That’s how that ape looks to me in this pic. I couldn’t get a good shot of how he really looks because there was so much other stuff going on between the glass and my camera.

That’s how I’ve felt as of late when it comes to blogging. MY posts are often random (more often than not) and I never know what’s coming up next. There is so much going on that I don’t think I’ve had a clear pic of what my blog is really supposed to look like.

That being said, I’m a-changing bloggin’ ways!

Here’s the schedule you can expect from now on. Well, not counting today. Or tomorrow. But Saturday, for sure. 🙂

Messy Mondays

Organizing and Cleaning tips from an unorganized housewife. (Yep. me.)

Tunes Tuesdays

musicians & music I like, & updates on my own musical endeavors (NSAI rocks!)

What’s up with Write2Ignite Wednesdays

updated information on the 2010 write2ignite conference

Thou art homeschooled Thursdays

you guessed it…homeschool related posts

Free to Rhyme (or not) Fridays

poetry postings, challenges and occasional poetry contests

Situational stuff Saturday

random thoughts on writing, relationships and life in general

Say it loud Sundays

sharing my journey and hope you will, too.

There you have it folks…my newly organized posting schedule.  See you on Saturday!


10 thoughts on “Mixing it up

  1. hah! I think your blog has a definite theme: Writing, Family and Faith. I always see one of those things in your posts. SOmetimes all three!

    I think you underestimate your blog-theme skills, ma’am. 🙂



  2. That’s some serious organization. All I can promise is two thesaurus posts–one coming out on Thurs, one on Saturday. And of course I had to break my schedule a bit because of nano! I feel so guilty!


  3. Don’t feel guilty. You have a fantastic blog, Angela. Seriously. Even when I don’t comment, I visit often!

    I am hoping this new schedule will help me keep to the “office hours” I have typed up and posted in my house. If I know ahead of time what I’m focusing on, then I can go ahead and write some of the posts and have them ready to send.

    It sounds good on paper, anyway. 🙂


  4. Wow, Dona! *Hat’s off*
    I look forward to the upcoming posts. 🙂 I will never believe you’re unorganized, after seeing how much thinking and organizing transpire through this current post.
    The picture is amazing. Looks like there’s a whole world (did I see a reflection of myself?)… in that ape’s mouth.


    1. Nathalie –
      Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for the compliments on the picture. That gorilla really is an amazing animal.

      The reflection is of all the “business” going on behind and beside me while trying to get a good shot. (Lots of folks and a wagon or cart of some sort)

      He was very unhappy with all the onlookers and other stuff going on. After I snapped his picture, he strolled away from us all. Silverbacks can do whatever they want to do, I suppose.

      I wish I could have thanked him. Featuring his pic in this post will just have to do. Now if he only had internet…

      And yeah…I’m really disorganized. Just ask my husband. His desk is pristine UNLESS I sit down and work at it. Bless his heart. 🙂


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