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Messy Monday Tip #1

donna's phone 2 049Do NOT do laundry every day. Put it off until you have at least two large loads that need your attention.

 Yes, you read correctly. And yes, this goes against almost everything I’ve ever read, heard about or believed in regards to “doing laundry”. Before you throw fabric softener at me – let me explain…

 Housekeeping blogs and books advise, “Wash/dry/fold and put up one load of laundry every day.” But if they could see my schedule, they’d realize that method just doesn’t work for me. Between homeschooling, playing chauffer to my kiddos and trying to conquer my clutter (with some writing thrown in there for good measure), the laundry doesn’t always get top priority.  I’ve tried the “every day” method, but it only worked for a little while.  

Five people live in my house and I can easily wash/dry/fold and put up a small to medium size load of clothes EVERY day. However, I would rather wash and dry two extra large loads of clothes every few days…then fold them all at once. 

If you are a “daily laundry person”, you might be wondering, “Why in the world have you decided that breaking the traditional “every day rule” is best?”

 Here’s a little conversation I had in my head while answering your very relevant question:

 You: So…why do you wash clothes every few days instead of every day?

Me: Cause.

You: Cause why?

Me: Cause I want to.

You: Can you stop using the logic of a 4 year old?

Me: What happens if I don’t stop?

You:  Time out, Donna. That’s what happens.

Me:  You’re not my mama. *sticks out tongue*

You: This is YOUR imaginary conversation, remember? *sigh* BACK to my question… Why do you use this laundry method? Does it save on energy bills?

Me:  Um…energy savings? I have no clue. I guess I should google that.

You: *deeper sigh* Other than fueling your obvious time management issues, why does this method work for you?

Me: If I fold only one load, It’s over pretty quickly. You’d think that would be a good thing, right? WRONG. I need time to process, people! I like to do mental multitasking.

With larger loads to fold, I have time to mull over my manuscript ideas, new songs running ‘round in my head and chit-chat with the Lord. (you know, pray.)

I even have time to have imaginary conversations like this one.

You: oh joy.

 * * * * * * * * *

That was painful to read, wasn’t it? I know. So thanks for hanging in there. The post is almost done. Really. Honest. For real.   

Anyway…If you have a schedule (and personality) like mine, then my method might work for you.  Let me know if it does.

 One caveat: If you’re last name is Duggar or Gosselin, disregard this post entirely. 🙂

And if you get WAY behind on clothes – I’ll share my thoughts next Monday on how to get caught up and have fun doing it!


6 thoughts on “Messy Monday Tip #1

  1. Donna,

    Love your way to combine creativity and chores. Forget what the “experts” say, and do it your way. You know what works best for you.

    My the way, I responded earlier but decided to check out the notice below before submitting and my comments were lost forever, I guess. What does “Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS” mean?

    Linda A.


  2. Morning, Linda! I hope your morning is good so far! Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my blog regularly this last week. *hugs!*

    I’m sorry the comments were deleted. Not sure why that happened. “via RSS” feed means you’ll get an email with future comments from other folks on this blog entry (I think). But I’m not really sure!


  3. Ah, laundry … it’s the one thing I do stay on top of (probably because I have a W/D instead of doing it all by hand like we did in India). I’ve even written poems about it 🙂 I love hanging out clothes to dry outside in the summer. I’m a one load a day kind of gal … works for me.

    A book that you might enjoy: Laundry, Liturgy and Women’s Work by Kathleen Norris.


    1. Handwashing? Wowzers. You make me appreciate my washer and dryer even more! 🙂

      I used to help my mom, grandma and great aunt hang our clothes out to dry when I was growing up. The smell of the clothes in the summer is so fresh!

      one load at a time, eh? I’m glad that works for you!


  4. With three kids, I seriously HAVE to do at least two loads of laundry a day or I get SO behind. Probably one day a week I am so busy, I can’t do any, but the rest, it’s a must!!! It’s a neverending chore!


  5. I understand! When I DO get behind (and yes, that happens often), I have a ‘folding party’. We sit in the living room with all the clean laundry, pop some popcorn and watch a good movie…while we fold the clothes. We pause the movie and put up the folded clothes when the piles get too high. The kids love it.

    (hmmm…guess I just blew next Monday’s post. Oh well.)


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