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What’s up with Write2Ignite?

I am blessed to be part of the 2010 Write2Ignite! conference team. As the blog and web administrator, I’ve had to learn a new language for the job… Modern Geek. 🙂 Click HERE to check it out.  (our website, NOT modern geek)

I’m learning WAY more about WordPress than I ever thought possible. (yay for being user friendly, WordPress!).  So every Wednesday will be the day I share registration, news and updates for the upcoming Write2Ignite! conference. 

At Write2Ignite, we are very excited about the work God is doing! He’s provided an excellent Keynote Speaker, Mrs. Vonda Skelton, for our upcoming conference. We have a great line up of presenters, too. (We are also in talks to add a couple more presenters…more info later!)

After you register for the conference, you’ll have the chance to sign up for a critique from one of our conference presenters. I’ll post the critique form when I get back in town later this week. I’ll also be posting the workshop schedule in the next week or so. Check back next week for more information.

BTW – You can register for the conference via email and make pay your conference fee via paypal OR register and pay via snail mail. (No offense to snails, mail carriers or anyone else with shells or those who stop periodically to put small envelopes and packages in slightly-larger-than-a-breadbox sized containers.)

We also have a blog titled, FIRE It UP! ,that is updated weekly (sometimes twice a week!) . You can find it HERE. Samantha Bell is our guest blogger until Thursday. At that point, the torch is passed to Jill Roman Lord. Hope you’ll have a chance to stop in, sit down and soak it in.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me. I hope to see you at the conference!


4 thoughts on “What’s up with Write2Ignite?

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! We are so excited about Vonda and all the presenters who will be there. You should come anyway, you might decide you really ARE a children’s book writer! 🙂


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