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It’s still Maverick Monday…

My sweet hubby was reading today’s earlier post and found (much to my chagrin) several editing issues.

Terrible proofer that I am, consider this an apology AND a pre-apology for any other editing mistakes you might encounter.

Consider this: “Jon jumped on the couch and got stuck the ceiling.”

I read that and somehow, my eyes fill in the missing words. My brain reads it as, “Jon jumped on the couch and got stuck IN the ceiling.”

Does that happen to anyone else besides me? Grrrr! I think I may have to ask my hubster to proof my posts before I hit “publish”!  (that was nice alliteration, wasn’t it?)

Apology and rant over.

Carry on.


3 thoughts on “It’s still Maverick Monday…

  1. Hey, don’t worry. This is a personal blog and if your eyes glaze over or something, the readers will fill in the blanks. Mine do all the time.

    Hmmm. Obviously, I’m not doing a very good job of being offline, no? The evidence doesn’t lie. My husband fixed whatever ails our computers.


  2. Lemme see. Hmmmmmmmm……… I make all kinds of boo-boos in my typing/writing, etc.
    I can’t see them, kind of like when you can’t see them (scan over, brain on google auto-fill).
    Now when I start reading someone else’s stuff (books, newspaper, toilet paper, any written material), it GLARES at me.
    And distracts me.
    Until I can’t.
    On anythinnnnnng else.
    OCD, anyone? Anyone? $20 off! OCD cheap!


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