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MM: name change, tip and contest

Important change:  Messy Monday is now Maverick Monday. I needed more freedom. I will still post something about organization, but it might pertain to writing (or other thing) and not just the house.

Also, I might have a guest blogger on Mondays or be completely random and post on interview with an author, illustrator, agent or editor.

The rest of the week’s schedul will stay the same. (for now.)

Now onto the rest of the post! 🙂

Today’s tips: 

  1. If you are behind in your laundry, have a folding party. The kids can help. Pop in their fave movie and get to folding!  When the stacks of clothes get too high to see the TV, put them away in the appropriate drawer or closet…then start folding again. 🙂
  2. Brush your toilet once a day. It sounds gross, but it really isn’t. The Flylady turned me onto this method. If you keep it brushed, it doesn’t get nasty and is always “guest-friendly”. 🙂
  3. Keep your computer desktop in tip-top shape. Mine is a complete mess right now. Once you get your files all figured out, please come over and fix mine. I’d really appreciate it.

Now for the contest. It’s not my contest this time. It’s a contest by a S.A. Bodeen (YAmom over on Verla’s board).  She is giving away an ARC of her new novel, The Gardner.  You don’t have to be a blogger to enter. She has two different ways to have your name put in the hat. Check it out! 

one more thing: I’m going to start listing one thing I’m thankful for at least once a week. Today, I am thankful for sweet little voices that call out my name early in the morning and say, “I love you, mama!”



8 thoughts on “MM: name change, tip and contest

  1. I used to read The Fly Lady some. I believe she is from the Asheville area. I remember that she said to select one thing to always keep clean and that way you could always feel good about at least one part of your house. Hers was the kitchen sink, which she always kept sparkling clean. I haven’t decided on my one item yet, but I’ll keep looking.

    How clever to find a way to turn a chore into something fun. A folding party? Is there popcorn after the work is done? That makes it even better.



    1. I really do like her! I don’t follow her advice perfectly (that’s obvious from my first laundry post last week), but I do think she is a very wise lady.

      She is from Brevard. Beautiful area! My sis went to college up there for 2 years and we both were camp counselors for a summer. Fun stuff!

      Popcorn? of course! And sometimes even brownies!


  2. I’m a kitchen lover myself because I enjoy cooking and eating. It’s often messy with expts. on counters, and all kinds of junk, but it’s clean. I love my kitchen.

    Computer is another story altogether … we’re having problems with the Internet. And I’d daresay it’s not a bad thing 🙂


    1. I know what you mean! I do like cooking and having a clean kitchen, though my dishes are sometimes piled sky high. 🙂

      Internet troubles? that’s happened around here before. At first, it was frustrating. THEN, it was a blessing to be “unplugged”. No what I mean?


  3. I have another toilet tip! I bought those Clorox tabs that you put inside the tank, and my potty stays much cleaner! Just thought I’d throw that in there. Of course, potty cleaning goes great with writing…lol!


  4. Amy — HEEHEE!!

    Confession time: I love to clean toilets.

    I know. *shiver*
    But I can’t help it! Something about seeing them so clean makes me happy and feel productive.

    I’m weird.
    I embrace it.

    But you do make a good point – does having a clean house help you feel more inspired for other projects, such as writing?


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