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What’s up with Write2Ignite?

Thanksgiving week 2009 – let’s see…

Jill Roman Lord is our guest blogger. Hop on over to our blog, Fire It Up! to see how God spoke through a squirrel!

 We’ve added this info (critiques) and this info (hotels). We will be adding more speakers this weekend, too. I can’t reveal the latest yet…so check back next Wednesday!

 Recently, Write2Ignite was listed on the Books & Such Carnival blog!  We are listed closer to the end of the post with the corrected address. If you have time, check out all the great blogs listed, too.

 If you are interested in following Write2Ignite on Twitter, you can do so here!


4 thoughts on “What’s up with Write2Ignite?

  1. Donna,

    I plan to attend the Write 2 Ignite Conference and have a critique done. Woo hoo! You ladies are doing a fantastic job organizing for this event.

    Thanks for the information about helpful links. I will check out some of them.



    1. YAYAY! I’ll be looking for you there! 🙂

      Have you had a chance to check out the our blog? Jonathan Friesen, the awesome author who led the Teen Track last year, is our guest blogger. It’s good stuff! 🙂

      See you VERY soon!


      p.s. I get a little happy with the exclamation marks…I know. 🙂


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